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A Swedish Ancestry Page

Anderson~Nelson, Focks; Hoglin~Lindell
Swanson, Lundblad
Bjorke, Backelin
And Patronymics in Varmland, Skåne and Jämtland in Sweden

Our family's ancestors are all of Swedish descent, and on immigration, settled mainly
in Kansas, Minnesota and Michigan.


My paternal great grandfather was Henry Anderson,
an immigrant to Galesburg, Illinois in 1868 from
Trolle, Ljungby, Kristianstad, Sweden.
His brother, Nels immigrated with him and died
a year later in Galesburg. Henry relocated about a year
later to Axtell, Kansas, where he and
his wife, Johanna Christine Swanson (Svensson~an immigrant
from Hamphult farm in Hinneryd Parish, Sweden)
married and raised their children Minnie, Effie, Lena,
John Robert, and Sam Edoff (my grandfather).

My grandfather, Sam Edoff Anderson married Esther Maria Nelson
(Nilsson from Sunne, Varmland, Sweden)
in 1916 in Axtell, Kansas.
They raised their family Jack Edoff Anderson, Juanita Louise Anderson Focks,
and John Henry Anderson (my father) there in Axtell.

Through the years, all of the above were active in
Axtell's Mission Covenant Church, linked below.


My grandmother Esther's mother, Lovisa Lundblad
(b3-3-1863 Bäck, Sunne parish d1-26-1892 Tomthult, Sunne)
died while Esther was still small.
Esther's father, Nils Nilsson (b12-20-1857 Gjutargården, Sunne;
d8-26-1896 Tomthult, Sunne) then married Lovisa's sister,
Stina Maria Lundblad (b5-30-1867 Bäck, Sunne).
Together, they raised Esther and her siblings Louise, Anna, Joe and Olaph.
On Nils' death, the family immigrated
to Michigan and Minnesota, USA.
I've been unable to trace the Lundblad ancestry any further.


I had the opportunity to attend my mother's Hoglin Family Reunion in June 2000 where I met many of her relatives for the first time!
We had a wonderful time, and it was a rare experience I look forward to doing again.

The Lindell line (my grandmother's family) remains untapped.
Both the Hoglin and Lindell names have been rare finds,
so please, feel free to contact me if you think we may be in the same line.

Until I can get the branches of my tree loaded,
please do not hesitate to email me,
especially if you think you may have a connection!
I'm interested in both contacting descendants,
and finding ancestors of the above families.

Thank You For Visiting!


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